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ULC listing for power modules and access control hardware

LifeSafety Power now offers the Underwriters Laboratories Canada (ULC) listing for its Mercury Security access control hardware solution. The Canadian credentials are in addition to the UL Listing for the Americas obtained in 2015.

January 26, 2016
By SP&T Staff
SP&T Staff
Mercury Security and LifeSafety Power now offer the one of the first dually UL/ULC-Listed enclosures.

Mercury Security and LifeSafety Power now offer the systems integration community one of the first dually UL/ULC-Listed enclosures that includes system power, lock power and remote power options in both rack mount and wall mount configurations. The breakthrough is in the Americas and Canadian listings garnered for all integrated components within the enclosure.

The FlexPower® Gemini RGM series is a UL-Listed rack mount product designed to provide both operating power and a mechanical housing for Mercury Security access control hardware. The FlexPower® MCLASS Unified Power System is engineered to house power modules alongside Authentic Mercury access control hardware in one compact, secure system.

The rack mount enclosure is configured to save space and provide installation efficiencies to save the installer time with Mercury panels, system power and optional lock power included in a single housing. Now, the installer can mount Mercury Security access controllers in a 19-inch rack environment suitable for four doors and easily expandable in four-door increments.

The Gemini RGM series simplifies system design – a four-door system with battery standby can be housed in 4U, 16-door in 8U and more up to the limit of the controller’s door capacity. In addition, LifeSafety Power network modules can remotely monitor the power to both the Authentic Mercury panels and locks to increase reliability and detect potential problems before they happen or as they occur with notification via email, smartphone or web-based device.

The FlexPower MCLASS Unified Power System is a wall-mount configuration that saves installation time by combining system power and Mercury Security panels in a single, integrated and listed enclosure, simplifying wiring and labor. This saves the expense of mounting and wiring separate enclosures and AC drops for lock power, and reduces wall space with a smaller enclosure footprint. A removable back plate mounts power and Mercury controllers, making wiring faster and easier for additional labor savings.

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