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Tyco’s ‘victor’ VMS brings analogue and IP together

American Dynamics debuted victor, its Unified Video Management System (VMS) at the ASIS show in Dallas Oct 12. The system combines IP cameras, intelligent NVR and storage to provide an open-platform IP video system for existing analogue users.

October 19, 2010  By Staff

American Dynamics, part of Tyco Security Products, says victor will enable users to migrate from analogue to IP cameras and provide a single solution to manage both Intellex DVRs and NVRs. The introduction of victor marks a new, unified platform for a significant expansion of American Dynamic’s IP video solutions portfolio. It will also eventually incorporate Tyco’s Sotware House access control system.

With victor, security officers gain use of both existing analogue cameras and new IP cameras in a single,software client. VideoEdge version 4.0, an IT-friendly NVR solution gives security directors the IP video recording capabilities they need. New IP cameras, encoders, and affordable iSCSi /Fiber storage solutions round out the IP video offering from American Dynamics.

According to the company, victor unifies security management, providing front-desk security officers with one set of tools to view, search and export video from both Intellex DVRs and VideoEdge NVRs.  Intellex customers will just add new VideoEdge NVRs and mega-pixel IP cameras to existing security systems.

“This combined launch gives new and existing Intellex DVR customers everything they need to jump into IP Video or to transition from analogue to IP security video at their own pace,” said Warren Brown, Director of product management.

In many organizations analogue and IP cameras may exisit in separate silos and may still be serving their purpose adequately," said Dave Jackson, senior product manager with Tyco.
Without any real reason to upgrade all cameras from analogue to IP many companies keep those silos of technology in place, but getting one unified view from the two feeds has been a challenge.
"Traditionally, the model has been rip and replace, but that is costly. victor allows organizations to keep their exisiting investment," said Jackson.

Victor offers instant ‘layout switching’ across four monitors to quickly react to situations. Embedded policy management enables security directors to manage access to cameras, video export and other features by user. victor also remembers users’ favorite cameras and views and brings them up whether they are accessing the system on their home laptop or in the control room. 

victor combines with Intellex and the new VideoEdge v4.0 to find and export incident video with instant Smart Search, which delivers fast searches of recorded video on IP and analogue cameras in the same interface.

In addition to built-in Smart Search analytics, the new VideoEdge v4.0 delivers H.264 recording, 400 Mbits per second recording capacity, frame-by-frame instant playback and audio on every camera channel.  As an open-platform, high-performance NVR, VideoEdge v4.0 keeps IT Directors happy with a locked down, Linux kernel-based software approach.


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