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TrackTik integrates with U.K. security staffing solutions firm

The companies will market each other’s solutions

April 28, 2020  By  Neil Sutton

Montreal-based TrackTik recently reached an agreement with Broadstone, a U.K. firm that specializes in staffing solutions, to integrate their respective platforms and grow their mutual markets in North America and the U.K.

TrackTik, founded in 2013, offers solutions that provide back office functionality to manage guard scheduling and client billing, as well as data reporting designed to improve quality and efficiency of service. Going forward, TrackTik will integrate with Broadstone’s “labour-as-a-service” technology — a platform that enables security providers to reach a large pool of security guards and schedule shifts for short term or temporary assignments.

The service is utilized by security guard companies that may need extra staff for a specific site or client. A matching engine will pair available workers with appropriate jobs — almost like a dating app — enabling guard companies to staff up on short notice and without going through a complex and lengthy hiring process, according to Tom Pickersgill, Broadstone’s co-founder and CEO.

“When a company has a requirement, it sends out a notification to our 38,000 workers. We match them on the basis of datasets and then they apply,” explained Pickersgill. He says the service has proved useful to guard service companies that are faced with the dual challenges of turnover and recruitment — an issue that is compounded by a job market with low unemployment.


“The reality is that guard companies don’t just compete with other guard companies for staff. They’re competing with just about any other hourly wage or service industry-type roles,” added Mark Folmer, vice-president, security industry, TrackTik.

Pickersgill said that a post on the Broadstone app for a security assignment in London, U.K., will have several hundred applicants within a few minutes. The software will automatically narrow the pool down to a few of those applicants based on work history and knowledge of their skills and forward the details to the hiring company. All potential workers are pre-screened by Broadstone staff, said Pickersgill.

In today’s “gig economy” world, there are more and more people who prefer to work this way, offered Pickersgill. “They want a simple, frictionless journey through a platform like ours. We’re delivering that to more traditional agencies, i.e. security, which haven’t had that approach or the opportunity to do that.”

Broadstone’s current base of operations is the U.K. By uniting with TrackTik, the company has an opportunity to export its technology and platform to North America. TrackTik currently maintains offices in Montreal, the U.S., U.K. and the Netherlands.

Broadstone’s ambition is to enter the U.S. market by 2021 and by allying itself with TrackTik, issues such as localizing its platform to North America will be that much smoother, according to Pickersgill.

“This is the great benefit of integrating with the guys at TrackTik. They’ve already got those regulations and rules in place. We’ve already started discussions with our legal team to look into the employment law perspective.”

Folmer said the integration work between the two platforms is underway. The companies will market each other’s solutions, he said in an effort to broaden their geographic reach.

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