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Touchscreen door lock

Arrow Lock is introducing a touchscreen door lock that combines the function of a cylindrical lockset with a new design appealing to the iPhone generation.

August 4, 2009
By Staff

Arrow’s new Revolution features a touchscreen
above the door handle that’s similar to those found on the latest
mobile phones. Instead of turning a key to gain entry, people touch the
screen to enter a passcode, unlocking the door.
The Revolution brings digital technology to markets where door locks
haven’t changed much over the years – in high-traffic areas with
multiple users in such settings as hospitals, offices, apartments,
hotels, churches, stores and schools. Arrow also is seeing interest
from consumers who crave the latest gadgets.
“This dramatic makeover of the traditional lock-and-key set with
today’s technology provides a much-needed update to a product that’s
often taken for granted,” says Tom Harris, Arrow general manager. “With
the Revolution, security professionals no longer have to worry about
lost keys or bulky push-button locks housed in unattractive boxes.”
Arrow’s latest innovation is quick to install and as easy to use as dialing a phone number. It
can be used indoors or outdoors and can fit into existing key systems.
There’s even a security override in case of emergencies and a battery
back-up to ensure it works every time.
The Revolution can be programmed via a voice prompt that guides users
through the process to set up codes and authorized users. And yes, the
lock can still be operated the old-fashioned way – with a key.


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