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Kwikset introduces industry-first SecureScreen technology to prevent the problem of “smudge” attacks associated with popular touchscreen and touchpad locks. Kwikset is unveiling SecureScreen technology and a new, cutting edge design to its keyless entry lock platform with the SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Deadbolt at 2015 International CES.

January 8, 2015
By Staff

With typical touchscreen locks, passcodes can potentially be jeopardized by unwanted guests detecting frequently used numbers and characters from the oily residues left on the touchscreen surface. SmartCode 916 is the only touchscreen deadbolt that prevents this threat by prompting the user to first touch two random numbers in order to display the full screen to enter the access code. Continuous use of the lock masks the correct access code.

“Kwikset is dedicated to finding innovative ways to keep our customers secure and ensure they feel confident in the locks they choose to protect their homes,” said Keith Brandon, director, residential access solutions. “SecureScreen is another innovative solution from Kwikset that is at the forefront of technology trends and gives homeowners the most secure touchscreen lock available.”

The sleek deadbolt is the latest extension to Kwikset’s SmartCode line that provides consumers the convenience of keyless home entry combined with the enhanced aesthetics of a capacitive touchscreen.

Key features new to the SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Deadbolt include:

• Security: Kwikset’s SecureScreen technology makes SmartCode 916 the most secure touchscreen option on the market

• Sleek design: New, polished touchscreen design and white LED display provides crisp, high-definition illumination, while a significantly reduced interior size increases aesthetic appeal

• Convenience: Ability to hold up to 30 access codes allows homeowners to give out different user codes to multiple guests at one time

• Responsiveness: An intuitive user interface features a responsive touchscreen that senses contact quickly for fast code entry and unlocking

• Connectivity: Kwikset’s Home Connect technology integration through Z-Wave and Zigbee platforms allows users to pair the lock with other connected products in the home, such as lighting or entertainment systems, and adds the convenience of remote locking and unlocking from a smartphone anywhere in the world

SmartCode 916 Touchscreen Deadbolt with Home Connect Technology will be available for purchase in the professional channel in the first quarter of 2015. Consumers can preview the Z-wave and Zigbee integrated SmartCode 916 at CES, while standalone options will be available later this year.

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