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Top trends in access control

HID Global has released its top 10 trends in access control for 2013. The focus is on mobile solutions, near field communications (NFC) and Cloud-based services.

December 18, 2012  By Staff

1:  Users are seeking a more “frictionless” security experience, with solutions that are built on open standards to ensure interoperability, adaptability, and credential portability to mobile devices.
2:  Mobile access control adoption will accelerate and evolve to dramatically change the industry.
3: Mobile access control solutions will still co-exist with cards.
4:  Access control continues to converge – both on cards, and on NFC-enabled mobile devices.
5:  Card technology will continue to migrate from prox to magstripe to smarter smart cards with additional, multi-layered security.
6: Mobile access control is accelerating identity management’s move to the cloud, supported by new managed services.
7:  Secure issuance advancements are simplifying how cards are produced and distributed, while also making them more secure.
8:  Trusted NFC tags will change how we secure assets and protect consumers.
9:  FIPS-201 technology is fueling more robust personal identification security, and moving beyond federal agencies and contractors to commercial applications.
10:  Visitor management technology is increasingly being integrated with access control systems.


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