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Thermal tech scans elevated body temperatures to safeguard workplaces

Sends instant notification to security or management who can deny access if COVID symptoms are present

July 22, 2020  By  SP&T Staff

A visitor management specialist has launched a smart tool that automatically and discreetly scans the body temperature of staff and visitors to a facility like a plant at sign-in.

iLobby’s FeverCheck uses a smart thermal camera that accurately and discreetly scans for elevated body temperature – a  symptom of COVID-19 – in seconds.

The Toronto-based tech firm said its system protects the person’s privacy by unobtrusively sending an instant notification to security or management, who can deny access if necessary.

It focuses only on the person signing in, unaffected by external factors such as indoor temperature or a cup of coffee in a person’s hand. The technology also allows easier contact tracing is a COVID-19 case is identified.


FeverCheck was developed working with manufacturers and corporate clients who have thousands of people walking through their doors each week.

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