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Thales IoT SAFE to secure cloud connectivity for Internet of Things services in Canada

TELUS and CIRA to implement the Thales GSMA IoT SAFE solution for a new country-wide security management system for IoT devices

April 16, 2021
By SP&T Staff

Thales technology is at the heart of a new Canadian IoT project. Working alongside TELUS and the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA), the project’s certification partner, Thales is supplying SIMs and the IoT server, both compliant with the GSMA IoT SAFE specifications.

The Thales IoT SAFE service offers an interoperable framework enabling swift deployment of IoT applications.

TELUS continues its IoT expansion with devices across Canada, offering enterprises an innovative system that eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming site visits. For example, a city can use the platform to manage their entire fleet of connected parking meters. The concept will also be used as the basis for further commercial IoT offers, in areas such as healthcare or energy, where fleets of connected devices handle data that needs to be protected.

“Combining secure SIM technology with IoT SAFE delivers an effortless roll-out for stakeholders. It also eliminates integration challenges for mobile operators, compliancy issues for device makers and service providers, and enables a straightforward connection via the Thales IoT server for cloud providers. This is particularly important as IoT SAFE is already compliant with the upcoming 5G framework, which will support massive IoT deployments.” Guillaume Lafaix VP Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales


“The secure elements that we manage, such as the SIM and eSIM, are now very much the ‘Root of Trust’ for chip-to-cloud security in the rapidly growing IoT ecosystem. Through the support of Thales and CIRA, we become one of the first mobile operators in the world to provide the infrastructure for the next wave of disruptive IoT solutions.” Ibrahim Gedeon, Chief Technology Officer, TELUS

“We believe our Secure IoT Registry framework will help kickstart a wide variety of IoT applications in Canada. In particular, this approach will be extremely valuable for sensitive services, such as healthcare or critical infrastructure, where secure device identity management is paramount.” Jacques Latour, chief security and technology officer, CIRA

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