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Teledyne FLIR expands perimeter protection portfolio

September 26, 2021  By  SP&T Staff

Teledyne FLIR Elara R-Series

Teledyne FLIR announced the release of new additions to its perimeter security portfolio for critical infrastructure: Elara R-Series Commercial Ground Security Radars and the Triton FH-Series Multispectral Fixed Cameras.

The Elara R-Series — a first for Teledyne FLIR, according to the company — is a radar system for industrial commercial applications, increasing detection coverage, auto-tracking, dynamic mapping and position intelligence of intruders. The Elara R-Series introduces compact ground radars built to work within larger security systems to provide advanced warning of both human and vehicle intrusions beyond the fence line, while continuously tracking and precisely locating multiple targets. The Elara R-290 features a 90-degree field of view, up to a 400-meter range for vehicle tracking, a 200-meter range for human tracking, and provides wide-area protection as well as situational awareness beyond the fence line; the Elara R-190 offers a 300-meter range for vehicles and 125 meters for humans. These products are designed for detection in all weather and lighting conditions. The radars’ auto-tracking feature helps to direct pan-tilt-zoom surveillance sensors in the right direction.

Part of the Teledyne FLIR  Triton family of cameras, the Triton FH-Series delivers both intrusion detection and video verification through its high-resolution thermal and visible imaging capabilities. These features, plus the ability to capture vital details using 4K imagery, enables security personnel to identify and assess situations, improving response time, according to the company.

The Triton FH-Series are ruggedized, multispectral fixed cameras that integrate thermal imaging for detection with 4K visible imaging to help identify intruders in harsh perimeter security settings. Technological advancements include convolutional neural network (CNN)-based video analytics for both thermal and visible spectrums, which minimize false alarms and aid in geo-locating threats for superior situational awareness. The on-board scheduling tool gives the operator the ability to select the type of analytics used to make detections based on time of day, business hours, and seasonality. Additionally, radiometric versions of the Triton FH-Series can be used for early fire detection applications.


“Teledyne FLIR is committed to equipping security directors with technologies that empower them to protect their facilities and personnel at mission critical sites,” said Kai Moncino, Global Business Development Manager, Security at Teledyne FLIR, in a statement. “The Elara R-Series and Triton FH-Series are built to enhance perimeter protection, providing accurate detection and alerting of threats. As with all of our new products, the Elara R-Series and Triton FH-Series are designed with the latest cyber-hardening features for added security and peace of mind.”

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