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Pivot3 Inc. announces the release of its vSTAC Watch Edge R2 appliances, designed for distributed sites requiring, high-performance shared storage with virtual servers to save cost, power, cooling and rack space.

October 11, 2013
By Staff

The new appliance line is certified to operate with Genetec Security Center v.5.2 SR3, allowing customers to capitalize on proven integration for additional storage and video management choices to ensure the most efficient configuration of surveillance installations.
The vSTAC Edge R2 individually handles up to 4-8 TB of RAID storage supporting Genetec Security Center software, a unified security platform that combines various IP security systems into a single solution. Genetec qualified the vSTAC Edge to support 100 cameras. Up to four vSTAC Edge R2s can be configured together delivering up to 32 TB of a highly available iSCSI SAN and four virtual servers. Ideal for distributed environments typically found in retail, financial, educational and corporate markets, the new appliance drives opportunity for both companies and customers who manage surveillance and storage locally.
“Together with Pivot3, we have embarked on extensive testing with the vSTAC Edge and Genetec Security Center to ensure the highest level of compatibility, usability and support,” said George Marrousis, Technology Alliance Manager at Genetec. “The Pivot3 vSTAC Edge is a strong performer, and meets Genetec’s stringent validation criteria, ensuring customers are provided a trusted and proven integrated surveillance solution.”

The self-healing storage platforms deliver high availability iSCSI SAN with RAID 5e to protect lost data on one disc or stored video surveillance footage across a multi-appliance array. The combined server-storage appliances include integrated application failover for backup servers without the need for complex cabling, dedicated hardware or specialized software. Like the entire Pivot3 suite of vSTAC solutions, the Edge R2 eliminates physical server acquisition and delivers up to 40 percent savings in power, cooling and rack space. Storage is dynamically expandable, allowing users to increase physical capacity as surveillance retention requirements expand. Pivot3 vSTAC Watch appliances run on purpose-built standard x86 hardware that eliminates many of the complexities, constraints and high costs associated with legacy storage alternatives.
“Our joint solution with Genetec delivers customer confidence that Pivot3 vSTAC appliances are optimized for use with Genetec Security Center in high-capacity surveillance environments,” said Olivier Thierry, Chief Marketing Officer, Pivot3. “Our partnership with Genetec provides our current and future customers with the assurance that both organization’s world-class technical teams stand behind the integration of the two systems, while demonstrating our commitment to helping joint customers maximize technology investments through the delivery of proven solutions.”

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