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Stone Lock facial recognition certified to AMAG

Stone Lock Global is now a certified member of AMAG Technology’s Symmetry Preferred Partner Program. Stone Lock Global’s facial recognition device integrates with AMAG’s latest Symmetry V8 access control system.

June 8, 2016  By  SP&T Staff

“Adding Stone Lock Global to the Symmetry Preferred Partner Program delivers end users with full access control integration for forward thinking companies who desire a facial recognition program for their security management system,” said AMAG Technology, vice-president of product marketing, Dave Ella.

The robust integration with AMAG allows users to create a Stone Lock Pro user and pair it with a personnel and credential record from Symmetry, applying schedules and permissions to any Stone Lock device on the network. The integrated solution supports single, dual or three factor authentication methods in a single device and is critical when security is non-negotiable.

“Superior security, unrivaled convenience, and respect for identity privacy are cornerstones of Stone Lock Pro’s success,” said Jeff Sebek, vice-president, business development for Stone Lock Global. “We are excited to partner with AMAG to provide customers with a powerful integrated solution that enhances security in the most unobtrusive way. In fact, the access control process happens so quickly and accurately, the users barely notice any difference in their routine.”

Stone Lock Pro is a secure, frictionless facial recognition device for access control that provides rapid confirmation of identity – even in total darkness and with superior reliability.


The Stone Lock Pro device will detect and measure more than 2,000 points of reflectivity on the user’s face, in less than one second. Stone Lock’s industry-leading accuracy (less than 0.0004% False Acceptance Rate) makes it ideal for customers who recognize the inherent weaknesses of standalone access badges or PINs that can get lost, stolen, or shared.

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