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STI digital timer offers auto reset feature

The UL Listed Latching/Timer Module is compatible with all UL Listed momentary Stopper Station buttons or can be used with any UL Listed access momentary button. The LT-1UL also allows a momentary button to be used in a latching mode that can be reset with a contact closure.

February 29, 2012
By Staff

This device offers an auto reset feature. When installed with a normally open contact on the door, the unit will automatically reset without waiting for the timer to expire. This helps prevent an unauthorized entry into a door that has not timed out. The precise digital timing circuit offers 15, 30 or 45 seconds.

Its compact size (1.3H x 1.75W x 0.65” D) will fit inside a handi box behind a flush mounted button.  The module has 12-24 AC/DC, 18mA input and a Form “C” contact rating 3A @ 30VDC.  The supervised contacts can be set to either ‘Fail Safe’ or ‘Fail Secure.’ When power is removed, a supervised relay drops out.


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