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Steve & Barry’s deal struck

Sentry Technology Corp. of Ronkonkoma, NY has announced the signing of a contract to install SentryVision SmartTrack traveling CCTV systems in 33 Steve & Barry’s stores plus its distribution center. Steve & Barry’s is an apparel retailer with more than 200 locations across the U.S. The program includes OperationalVideo, Sentry’s remote security and business management solution. Installation will be completed by mid-November.

August 15, 2007  By Staff

OperationalVideo delivers real-time video
images over the Internet to help Steve & Barry’s control safety and
security as well as remote viewing of store operations, merchandising, signage,
displays, pricing and employee procedure compliance. Steve & Barry’s is
growing at a rapid rate with an additional 75 locations planned for 2007. Sentry expects to install SmartTrack in all
Steve & Barry’s locations following the initial rollout.


Steve & Barry’s will have access to
all store operations from its executive offices in Port Washington, NY and
remote security monitoring will be performed by staff in Port Washington and
other offices. Each store will also have security personnel who walk the floor
interacting with staff and customers while maintaining control of the
SmartTrack system using a wireless PDA. Video is managed via the SentryVision
Server, a network device that provides real-time remote viewing and user
passwords to manage hierarchal control of the system.


The SentryVision Server is equipped with
mapping software so that users can easily find the area of the store that is of
interest. Unlike conventional camera systems, there are no blind spots with
SmartTrack. Dual PTZ cameras are positioned to see around obstructions simply
by moving the camera carriage along a ceiling mounted track to exactly the
required viewing angle. Regardless of the number of stores being viewed, there
is no searching for the right camera to see an activity or display. Intuitive
desktop controls deliver the necessary results simply by clicking left for
left, right for right, plus zoom in or zoom out. The system combines
exceptional sophistication with ease of use that serves both security personnel
and business managers.


With OperationalVideo, retailers are able
to see business in real-time without leaving their desks. Travel costs are reduced and productivity is
greatly enhanced. The system also
accommodates multiple users so that product launches, end cap displays, advertising
compliance and customer traffic flows can all be monitored via the network.



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