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Stanley Security releases 2022 Industry Trends Report

January 31, 2022  By  SP&T Staff

Stanley Security has released its third annual Industry Trends Report, revealing the key themes that industry leaders expect will shape the security industry in 2022 and beyond.

Alongside key trends, the report discusses findings from a recent survey conducted by Stanley Security. The findings detail how organizations are demonstrating increasing interest in implementing security solutions that can help them solve key business challenges.

“Security is much more than protecting organizations, assets, and people; it can also offer organizations a competitive advantage,” stated Stanley Security global president Matthew Kushner in a statement.

According to Stanley’s research, health, safety and security will be at the forefront of hybrid workforce models. With the continued adoption of hybrid working models across the globe, organizations will likely continue to navigate new complexities and concerns when it comes to managing on-site health, safety, and security in 2022.


Stanley Security’s survey identified that one of the top concerns of business leaders regarding embracing the hybrid model is the security of their organization’s assets, including their inventory, equipment, and facilities (72 per cent). This was followed by keeping up with technology advances and continued digitalization (69 per cent), and the health and safety of their employees and customers (59 per cent).

Two key trends of note that Stanley Security predicts for 2022 include navigating the future of the workplace and an ‘always-on’ approach to security. Protection has now expanded beyond the threshold of the office to include employees’ homes. Therefore, in order to keep them safe and secure, organizations need to consider holistic solutions to ensure employees’ wellbeing, regardless of their desired working destination. Alongside this, as facilities are no longer fully occupied with hybrid working, businesses will also need greater oversight of security.

Stanley also reports that AI, Machine Learning, and Advanced Analytics will be utilized for both protection and optimization.

Doing more with less is no longer an option but a necessity for many. In the Industry Trends Report, Stanley Security predicts advancing the era of automation to be a key trend for 2022.

Organizations have increasingly limited resources, including time and labour. As a result, many are frequently turning to automation to accomplish tasks and achieve goals. Stanley Security’s research identified AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics as emerging areas of opportunity for organizations in 2022. The top reasons amongst business leaders for looking to implement these technologies include optimizing their operations (78 per cent), protecting their people (66 per cent), and safeguarding their assets (66 per cent.)

Read the full report here.

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