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STANLEY officially launches new eServices

STANLEY Security announces the official launch of its augmented eServices 2.0 platform, now commercially available to STANLEY Security customers.  eServices 2.0 was initially released in beta to select STANLEY Security customers earlier this year, and has been continually enhanced based on direct customer feedback to bring the platform to its current state.

December 19, 2014  By Staff

STANLEY Security responded to over 1,000 logged development requests during the six-month beta period, and announces its integrated Feature Request Customer & Feedback Portal establishing a continual focus on direct customer involvement.

“We were the first to create an online management tool for our customers back in 1999 based on a request from one of our customers with a need for more information. Even then, we had a finger on the pulse of the industry as a whole – but just as importantly, we were in tune with the needs of our customers and were open to their feedback, ideas and suggestions. Over the past 15 years, eServices has advanced based on the highly valuable customer response,” said Beth Tarnoff, Director of Marketing for STANLEY Convergent Security Solutions. “We took this as an opportunity to showcase eServices 2.0 as an ever-evolving tool, focusing on the shifting needs of our customers as they progress in stride with an industry that’s continually advancing.”

STANLEY Security’s eServices 2.0 provides real-time transparency on customers’ security systems, including intrusion, video surveillance, access control, fire detection and integration – offering full, mobile visibility and business insight. eServices 2.0 is an essential tool for customers to streamline security and business processes, offering comprehensive insight to aptly carry out security investigations and respond to issues before they could negatively affect operations at one or any number of locations. By providing real-time visibility and aggregating all system data onto a single online interface, users can efficiently view and manage system activity, including control over open/close and arm/disarm activity, detailed alarm incident reports, unscheduled activity, oversee fire inspections, test operations and more.  The highly intuitive dashboard allows users to save time and drive a return on investment, while simultaneously plan effective security strategies to improve employee and customer safety and prevent loss of assets – all from one online platform.

Now equipped with a strong backend infrastructure and accessible frontend delivery, eServices 2.0 drives more effective security management processes by providing customers with substantially upgraded features, services and capabilities – all based on direct customer feedback:
· Single sign-on for all security data: Real-time visibility on all security systems, including intrusion, video, access and fire.
· Identify trends and perform predictive analytics: Proactively plan security strategies with a feature-rich, personalized dashboard.
· Complete intelligence on-the-go: Receive complete reports and full functionality on any device – desktop, laptop, phone or tablet. Not limited to a set of reports or reduced feature set like many competitive products.
· Save time with self-service: Schedule service requests and manage passcards, action plans, call lists, open/close schedules and more – all online.
· Intuitive user interface: Easy navigation that minimizes clicks, automatic form complete functionality and more.
· Multi- Lingual: Interact with eServices 2.0 in English, French or Spanish.
· Customized reporting: Create custom groups/criteria to filter and report on the data points that matter for users’ businesses.
· Built on customer feedback: Request new eServices features with online tracking and direct link to the STANLEY development team.


One of the most robust features new to eServices 2.0 is metadata tagging.  Based on a customer’s specific business criteria, with metadata tagging, he or she can label or ‘tag’ individual locations or sites with names that are meaningful to the customer and then filter and report based on those labels. For instance, if it is important to customers to be able to group and report on sites by location type, such as retail store fronts, business offices and warehouses, they can do that and more.  Instead of being restricted by location and site terminology used by their security provider, STANLEY provides customers the ability to report in a customized way that matches their unique business needs.

“eServices is and always has been a tool for our customers, influenced by our customers.  This was accomplished in 2.0 through the myriad of new features, such as metadata tagging.  But we wanted to further heighten that connection in this new platform, beyond the more tangible feature sets.  We did this by empowering trusted security professionals, our customers, with the ability to fully engage in the development of this tool using our integrated Feature Request & Customer Feedback Portal,” stated Tarnoff.

With the integrated Feature Request & Customer Feedback Portal, customers have a direct link to the eServices 2.0 development team to submit anything from system bugs and functional changes to suggestions to make their security operations more productive.  Once they submit their request, they have total transparency with the ability to see the status of the request, when the team starts development and when the feature will be completed.  They can even engage in a two-way dialogue with the eServices developers with the ability to post comments throughout the process.  Customers also can view the full history and tracking of all submitted requests beyond their own requests, for further transparency.

“Our customers play an integral role in evolving this agile platform daily – truly making a difference not only with the eServices 2.0 product, but as a result, in their own security operations and businesses,” continued Tarnoff.  “The newly enhanced eServices 2.0 platform truly embodies the spirit of full transparency and the comprehensive business partnership we share with our customers.  We sincerely thank our customers for this partnership.”

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