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Spring stop option for door closer line

STANLEY Security announces the addition of a spring stop option to the STANLEY Commercial Hardware QDC100 door closer product line. The new spring stop option protects the door from the jarring effect of a hard stop.

July 2, 2014
By Staff

In cases when extreme force is applied to the door when opening – in instances of abuse, strong wind gusts that blow the door open, etc. – the force is absorbed into the spring stop, versus the short, immediate impact often occurring with a hard stop or wall stop. The extra cushion provided by the spring stop reduces shock loads onto the door and frame, extending the life of the door.

“We’re proud to announce the addition of the spring stop option for the QDC100 door closer product line,” said Jerome Lim, Product Marketing Analyst for STANLEY Security. “This feature complements the variety of arm options currently available, fitting a wide range of applications and extending the longevity of the door.”

The option is offered on the QDC119, with an extra duty arm and spring stop, and the QDC120, with an extra duty arm, hold-open and spring stop. Both products can be applied to the existing QDC100 door closer product line.

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