Software provides virtual manager 24×7

Panasonic System Solutions Co. recently announced Virtual Site Manager, software that combines video surveillance and Point of Sale (POS) systems onto a single platform.

February 12, 2008
By Staff

Developed in co-operation with Compass Group, one of the world’s
largest food service companies, VSM is designed for retail sales
operations. According to the vendor, the software pairs POS workstation
data with recorded video to provide a comprehensive record of
transactions and cashiers’ interactions with customers. It can also be
used by various related business operations including senior
management, purchasing, human resources and finance to perform data
searches for terms such as “void,” “coupons” or “no sale” to identify
any incidents and to deter dishonesty among employees. Additional
functionality includes the ability to track and monitor employee
attendance, behaviour and appearance from anywhere in the world via an
Internet connection. VSM can also be used to provide analytics of
promotional campaigns, product placement and sales activities, and to
test and activate marketing and product placement programs at multiple
store locations, as well as edit appropriate PLUs, coupons, product
prices and taxes.



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