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Smoke detector is standards compliant

The Fireray 5000 from Fire Fighting Enterprises has been certified as compliant with EN54:12, CPD and LPCB standards. The F5000 incorporates the Easifit first fix system and a visual LASER alignment aid to ease installation.

October 25, 2007
By Jennifer Brown

Once fitted, an automated, motorized beam optimization process ensures
that the infrared beam is always adjusted for maximum efficiency and

Beam-type smoke detectors have several advantages over traditional
point-type sensors, as they can cover larger areas with fewer units.
One F5000 unit can cover an area of 1,500 square metres, which would
take approximately 15 point detectors to do the same job.

The F5000 also houses the transmitter and receiver in the same unit,
with the beam being reflected off of a small, unobtrusive prism simply
fixed onto the opposing wall. This means that aesthetic intrusions are
reduced, as are the costs incurred — financial and disruptive — by
installation, cabling and maintenance.

The system is controlled (and can be fully customized) from ground
level with a system controller connected by a two-wire cable. When
protecting a large, indoor space from fire risks, beam detection
systems are an ideal option, and the Fireray 5000 stands out with its
unrivalled, functional feature set.

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