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Smart home lighting start-up secures funding

BeON Home is the creator of the first Bluetooth Smart-enabled home protection system that provides preventative security and emergency lighting. The company recently announced it has secured US$2.9M in additional capital. The round was led by Jopeko and included continued participation from existing investors and multiple new investors.

February 10, 2016
By SP&T Staff
SP&T Staff
We're making security and safety lighting simple, accessible, and affordable for anyone, says CEO.

This funding brings BeON’s total investment to date to nearly US$5M.

The company’s first product, the BeON Home Protection system, includes everyday safety lighting, emergency lighting during power outages or smoke alarms and preventative home security that makes it look like you’re home, even when you’re not. The BeON home protection system is made up of BeON smart modules that fit inside corresponding LED light bulbs.

“All too often, smart-home technology ignores one of two basic premises: practical functionality or a simple user experience. When a product addresses both concepts it is free from early adopter limitations and has the potential to change paradigms. The BeON Home Protection system is one of the only smart-home products we’ve seen that does this, and as a result it addresses a mass-market need,” said Joseph Kolchinsky, managing director of Jopeko LLC.

“Lighting is a critical part of any home protection system. Advanced lighting usually comes with a price tag reserved for expensive, professionally installed lighting systems. We’re making security and safety lighting simple, accessible, and affordable for anyone,” said Alexei Erchak, CEO of BeON Home.

BeON recently announced expanded availability and compatibility with international shipping, an Android mobile app, and retail presence on Amazon.

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