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Single gang LED annunciator

With the addition of several new features such as an onboard power regulator and more message labels, Camden Door Control’s CM-AF500 Series single gang illuminated signs now offer even more flexibility and value.

March 20, 2015
By Staff

The CM-AF500 Series is designed to provide critical messages, as needed, to building occupants. When not illuminated, the sign (text and/or graphics) is invisible. When illuminated, the text/graphics are highly visible, even in bright sunlight.

The new features include an increase in the range of power input voltages from 10 to 36 volts DC, and simple two wire leads in place of 12V, 24V and common.

Units can now be powered by the output of low energy powered door operators (DC) and Camden is now packaging more insert message labels for security applications. The labels now include ‘Armed’ (Red) and Unlocked (Green).

Even with all the new features that have been added, Camden is maintaining the current pricing of the CM-AF500 Series.

CM-AF500 series single gang illuminated signs are vandal and weather resistant and have been specifically designed to communicate messages to building occupants under changing conditions such as when a restroom door is electrically locked or there is a system alarm/trouble. The signs can be used in a variety of low voltage applications, including automatic door and access control.

“As successful as the CM-AF500 Series of single gang illuminated signs has been, Camden is committed to continually looking for ways to improve our products. Not only have we added some great new features but we kept the price the same,” stated David Price, marketing manager for Camden.

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