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Sightlogix integrates with ViconNet VMS

Thermal camera manufacturer for perimeter security applications SightLogix announces integration of its video analytic solution with Vicon Industries' ViconNet video management software (VMS).

March 20, 2013  By Staff

SightSensor video analytic cameras, which detect objects that violate perimeter security rules, can now send video and alarm information over the network for display within the ViconNet video management system. SightTrackers, which automatically steer PTZ cameras, now send video to the ViconNet system for alarm verification. The combined solution can trigger actions within the ViconNet system to initiate alarm processing, such as recording or alarm notification.
“Our customers need accurate, detailed information about threats to their security or operations,” said John Romanowich, president and CEO, SightLogix, in a company release. “The integration with ViconNet incorporates powerful outdoor detection functionality into the operating environment of ViconNet to expand the value of both systems in support of our customers’ security.”
“ViconNet’s open-platform, enterprise VMS solution provides added value to its users by making integration, such as what we’ve done with SightLogix, as easy as possible via an ‘event manager system.’ Through a simple process of assigning relationships between data fields from the SightLogix cameras and ViconNet, the user benefits from a perfect combination of video verification and analytic event triggering,” said Guy Arazi, Vicon’s director of product management.

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