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SIA surpasses 100 OSDP verified products

June 13, 2022  By SP&T Staff


The Security Industry Association says that more than 100 device models have been named OSDP Verified under the association’s OSDP Verified initiative, which validates device conformance to the SIA Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP) access control communications protocol standard.

SIA has called this a milestone in its announcement, adding that security integrators, specifiers and practitioners now have a broader range of OSDP offerings to recommend. Additionally, buyers have the knowledge that products from the SIA OSDP Verified list have been third-party tested and perform within the requirements of the OSDP standard.

The association explained that the establishment of the SIA OSDP Verified program was a response to the growing adoption of OSDP in the industry to provide an authoritative source of OSDP solutions and the market confusion for non-verified claims of product compliance with the OSDP standard. By becoming OSDP Verified and displaying the SIA OSDP Verified mark on their products, access control manufacturers can help instill  confidence in their customers that their devices have gone through testing as required by the OSDP standard.

“Since its launch in April 2020, the SIA OSDP Verified program has tested and validated 115 products from 18 brands – substantial progress in just a little over two years, highlighting the market need and success of the program,” said Edison Shen, director of standards and technology at SIA in a statement.


“The program has also welcomed three international manufacturers, and we’re seeing growing interest in both domestic and international participation.”

SIA says those interested can learn more about the milestone, the SIA OSDP Verified program and how to find OSDP Verified products through SIA’s site.

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