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Security ONE provides video surveillance for WE Trans Support

Security ONE Alarms donated a Smart Video Surveillance System to help deter future crimes

February 25, 2021
By SP&T Staff

In the last week, WE Trans Support has been vandalized on at least three separate occasions in what has been described as hate crimes. Local security provider Security ONE Alarms stepped up with the donation of a Smart Video Surveillance System.

WE Trans Support Executive Director Alexander Reid says the attacks started as graffiti but have escalated. “A rusted wheel rotor from a vehicle was thrown through the front window, shattering the glass, damaging our new floors,” he said in a statement. The organization has launched a GoFundMe page to help with the repair costs.

Responding to this plea to the community, Security ONE Alarms donated a Smart Video Surveillance System to help deter future crimes.

“Security ONE stands with our partners at WE Trans Support in calling for solidarity against hatred,” said Corey Robertson, manager of Community Partnerships at Security ONE. “Helping to protect people and organization’s property is what we do.”


Robertson went on to say that WE Trans would be receiving the latest in Video Surveillance technology: “We’re installing Smart Video Surveillance cameras with a Streaming Video Recorder that will allow for very powerful analytics of the footage that can be accessed from anywhere,” he said. “And with our 5 Diamond Award winning Central Monitoring Station, they’ll have an extra set of eyes on the property 24 hours a day.”

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