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Security education in a flash

There has been a lot written about education lately so I will continue to fuel the conversation.

It is no surprise to see such enthusiasm for more learning opportunities and better education programs in a world dominated by information overload and constant technology changes. We all know that there is much to learn but do not know quite how to go about it. Bob Moore in his column "There is always time for education" did a very good job to provide an overview of some of the new channels now available for learning.

August 24, 2011  By  Rob Colman

It is true that when the economy heats up, it becomes increasingly difficult for security dealers and integrators to spare the time necessary for their staff to get trained. More than the actual cost of training, it is the lost productivity and potential loss of opportunities that is the real cost that needs to be considered. Specifically this year, it is noticeable that while the economy is doing better, each organization continues to do more with less leaving little time for training and education. Our members are maximizing their resources and simply cannot commit the time to attend classes. CANASA has cancelled some of its ATC and CSPM classes as a result.

But aside from the traditional training classes, CANASA members are getting educated through other means as well. It is noteworthy to mention that the MTS (Manufacturer’s Training Sessions) presented during the Security Canada Expos continue to be a success and have attracted a good number of attendees so far this year. I like to believe that the combination of an expo such as Security Canada and short training sessions, which are provided for free and do not require registration, makes for a winning combination.

We will be testing this winning combination during Security Canada Central in Toronto on October 19 and 20 with the introduction of new “on the show floor” information sessions. These ‘education flash’ sessions will bring a multitude of speakers who will address the attendees on various topics. Running each hour at the top of the hour for less than 30 minutes, they will provide valuable information on technical topics, trends and technologies from some of the best subject matter experts. There will be no registration and no cost to attend each individual session as long as you are registered to attend the Expo. We believe that this delivery method will be very successful and appreciated by the attendees.

Much of the information we get today comes from dynamic sources in a piecemeal fashion. Answers to many of our questions and problems are founds in web page, web searches and news feeds. We have sacrificed on the structure of information delivery but gained timeliness. No wonder that we are seeing a shift in the way people get educated and the success of distant learning.


There will be thousands of people going up and down the aisle of Security Canada Central who I am sure could spare 25 minutes to learn more about a topic of interest. We are making sure the topics will be of great relevance and interest. We hope you stop by.

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