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Scallop Imaging announces new management, investment in innovation

Propelled by a new executive management team and significant investment in product development, Scallop Imaging has positioned itself for further innovation to boost its role as a force in imaging technology.

July 23, 2014  By Staff

Boston-based Scallop Imaging, which first conceived its core “distributed imaging” technology in 2006, has invested significant resources in personnel, assets, and research and development to help catapult the company to new levels of innovation and success. The company plans to launch one new product this month, which includes an updated version of its existing surveillance solutions with new features such as improved light sensitivity.

The company embarks on the next step in the progress of its business with the help of Steve Gorski, who joins the company as Chief Sales Officer. Gorski is a security industry veteran who most recently served as General Manager, Americas, for MOBOTIX Corp., where he drove overall market strategy and sales in the Americas market. Previously, he served as National Sales Manager for Axis Communications where he oversaw regional sales analysis and trends, developed new business opportunities in key markets and managed a team of regional sales professionals.

“Joining the Scallop team allows me to maximize the sales and marketing experience that I’ve gained over the years, and offer insight into key vertical and international markets,” Gorski said. He will lead Scallop’s sales, marketing and support efforts, and will focus on building the company’s partner program and overall company growth.

The expanded executive team, which also includes Chief Technology Officer Ellen Cargill, Ph.D., enables Scallop to drive new opportunities for its award-winning distributed imaging technology. Scallop pioneered the development of cameras that mimic human vision, providing a constant situational awareness with a true 180-degree view, plus simultaneous zoom details within a panoramic image. Scallop cameras conserve bandwidth by enabling users to select the specific areas they want to see in high resolution and combine those zoom details from the panoramic image.  Scallop’s technology distributes the imaging task among multiple sensors and “stitches together” their output within the camera. Scallop’s technology overcomes the shortcomings of both fish-eye cameras and the synchronization of multiple independent cameras used by other panoramic camera vendors.


“Scallop Imaging is well positioned to gain new market share and greater business growth as a result of the investments we’ve made in infrastructure, personnel and innovation,” said CEO Olaf N. Krohg, who along with a group of investors, spearheaded the purchase of Scallop’s assets from Tenebraex, an optical technology company. “We are now focused on developing, marketing and manufacturing our evolving family of unique and innovative vision systems while delivering the best possible results to our business partners and the end-users.”

Plans are already in the works to focus on innovation-intensive projects, build a comprehensive partner program and expand the number of distributors with whom Scallop partners.

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