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RV centre tracks vehicle access with mobile credential

December 1, 2020  By  SP&T Staff

Oregon-based Guaranty RV Super Centers, a dealer of recreational vehicles, has selected a mobile credentialing solution to help secure and track keys.

The company is using the TRAC-Box key management solution from Supra (part of the Carrier Corp.). The solution offers means for tracking the keys and fobs used to open vehicles. Each TRAC-Box uses Bluetooth to communicate with Supra’s eKEY mobile app on smartphones carried by Guaranty sales associates. To unlock a keybox, the staff enter a PIN code into the app and remove the keys from a built-in container.Reporting also tracks the frequency of RV showings, enabling management to see which RVs are most popular and reposition them accordingly.

“With the Supra TRAC-Box, we’ve improved security and gained valuable sales and marketing insights,” said Marty Nill, managing partner, Guaranty, in a statement.


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