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IMS Research is forecasting that the security systems market in the Americas will grow to more than US$16 billion in 2016, growing at an average rate of at least seven per cent from 2011 until then.
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According to a recent news release from IMS Research, the US$400-million global access control credential market is set to be rejuvenated by smart cards and near-field communication (NFC).
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According to IMS Research (recently acquired by IHS Inc.) the world market for remote monitoring services was worth more than US$29 billion in 2011, equivalent to US$2.4 billion in recurring monthly revenues (RMR) across the year.
Written by Paul Grossinger
Secura Key has announced a new White Paper: “The 10 Biggest Access Control Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them.” The White Paper shows how to avoid installation errors that expose the system to electrical damage, how to be prepared for natural or man-made disasters, how to avoid ordering the wrong components, and how to make sure that the installation goes smoothly. 
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IMS Research forecasts that 2013 will be the tipping point when world network video surveillance equipment sales overtake analogue video surveillance equipment sales.
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According to a new report from IMS Research, almost 40 per cent of North American security systems integrators would prefer to deal with IT distributors when purchasing their IP-based video surveillance products. In Europe this figure is more than half of systems integrators and installers.
Written by Craig Sandness
The heightened need for security and improved efficiency has created a new generation of advanced electronic government ID credentials for e-visas, national ID cards, health care and more. Driven by considerations of cost, security and streamlined service delivery, another trend is moving to mainstream: the multi-purpose, multi-functional ID card that goes beyond proof of identity to fulfill additional functions, such as entry to a facility, online services access or border crossing.
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ONVIF, a global standardization initiative for IP-based physical security products, held its 6th Developer’s Plug Fest earlier this month, an event that drew representatives from more than 20 different manufacturers that have implemented the ONVIF specification in their IP surveillance products.
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Security consultant Terry Hoffman talks about the evolution of IP video and access control, and how users' expectations are changing
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The Security Industry Association's (SIA)  Securing New Ground Annual Report is now available through the SIA online bookstore. The SNG Annual Report is a 350-page compendium of new primary research and market information. The information ranges from financial and transaction information to technology, market and customer trends.
Written by Neil Sutton
Travis Firth of ADT Security Services Canada was in our studio to talk about what he sees ahead for the security market in 2012.
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Samsung Techwin's North American sales recently held a 'kick-off meeting' in Memphis, TN co-hosted by ScanSource, Samsung's distributor of the year.
Written by Lori Herder
The modern-day consumer’s purchasing habits are changing more rapidly than ever. And in the security industry, both residential and commercial consumers have far higher expectations when it comes to the solutions they ultimately select for their homes and businesses — even more than they did just a couple of years ago. In general, consumers today are more tech-savvy, resulting in an increased demand for more high-tech solutions.
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The world of enterprise video-surveillance storage has changed much over the past 15 years: first from VHS to the DVR; later to IP solutions, with customers choosing NVRs, IP SANs or even server storage devices. Could cloud be the next generation in video-surveillance storage? 
Written by Rob Colman
It has been almost 10 years since I set to install in my home what would become a comprehensive home automation system. It integrated a home security system with lighting control, thermostat control and cameras which could be controlled using multiple keypads, keyfobs, smart light switches, remote telephone access, PC controls and even web-browser based access.
Written by Neil Sutton
Integrators could stand to make some extra money by selling remote access control — if they can get their head around selling services and the concept of RMR (recurring monthly revenue), according to a panel of experts who spoke recently at a CANASA Ontario Chapter meeting.
Written by Jennifer Brown
In a recent market study, U.K.-based IMS Research found that over 1.1 million security cameras were sold globally through the retail, or consumer channel in 2010.
Written by Steve Bocking
With the advent of IP communication, there are lots new players involved in access control from a manufacturer, integrator and end user perspective. These new players are stimulating lots of interesting innovations.
Written by Jennifer Brown
Mention thermal cameras and most people might immediately think expensive, high-end applications for military or critical infrastructure. Not so anymore as companies discover a variety of uses for the heat-seeking devices that operate well in the dark and can solve myriad perimeter protection problems in addition to other uses.
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U.K. based security research firm IMS Research recently compiled its top security trends to watch for in 2011.
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