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Kwikset's Kevo Plus extends the Kevo platform by enabling remote access capabilities and enhanced features to Kwikset’s Bluetooth smart lock, Kevo. Available in spring 2015, Kevo Plus establishes a direct, online connectivity to Kevo, letting users lock and unlock their door with their smartphone from anywhere in the world.

January 22, 2015
By Staff

Whether unlocking the door for a neighbor while at the beach or locking it behind you from the train, homeowners benefit from total control over their door security.

“We’ve continuously listened to customer feedback and released software and firmware upgrades to enhance Kevo since introducing the smart lock in 2013,” said Greg Williamson, chief marketing officer, Hardware and Home Improvement, Spectrum Brands. “Kevo Plus represents the biggest expansion of the Kevo platform to date, giving current and future Kevo owners even more flexibility and the convenience of controlling their smart locks in real time from anywhere in the world.”

The Kevo smart lock and mobile app turned the smartphone into an electronic key (eKey), allowing the deadbolt to recognize and respond quickly to the touch of a finger. Kwikset continues to push the envelope with smart lock innovations by expanding the Kevo platform with Kevo Plus.

Kevo Plus features include:
– Remote Locking and Unlocking: Whether unlocking the door for a neighbor while vacationing across the world, or locking the front door behind your forgetful teenager from work, homeowners have total control over their door security from their smartphone anywhere in the world.
– Unlimited Anytime and Scheduled eKeys: Users can distribute an unlimited number of Anytime and Scheduled eKeys to others using the Kevo mobile app. Scheduled eKeys allow users to set date and time constraints for keys, which is ideal for nannies who need regular extended periods of home access at predetermined times.
– Real Time Activity Monitoring: Kevo Plus allows users to monitor real-time activity on all Kevo locks from their smartphones for an unlimited timeframe, so homeowners can view who is accessing their homes at any time for more peace of mind.

Upon upgrading their Kevo account to Kevo Plus, users will receive a free Bluetooth-enabled gateway that enables real time updates and remote functionality. The gateway plugs into an Internet router with an Ethernet connection, forming a secure wireless interaction between the Kevo lock and Kevo Plus. When a user touches the Kevo lock or uses the app, Kevo’s Bluetooth Low Energy™ radio communicates with the gateway, which then connects seamlessly to Kevo Plus.

Current and future Kevo owners can upgrade their account and set up the Kevo Plus gateway themselves to enhance their smart lock features. Kevo Plus will be available through a membership plan offered on MyKevo.com in the spring of 2015. Future upgrades to Kevo Plus will add Event Scheduling, allowing homeowners to schedule Kevo locking or unlocking at pre-determined times, and Lock Grouping, letting users group multiple Kevo locks and send one eKey for all locks simultaneously.

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