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Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products has taken a major step forward in the realization of fully networked video surveillance with the introduction today of its sixth generation ("G6") of professional-grade hardware recording servers.

September 5, 2014
By Staff

With the latest Intel processors, dual gigabit Ethernet connections, increased memory and new video outputs, Toshiba G6 recorders can support the most demanding hybrid and IP camera environments. Updated configurations, optional SSD drives, and the 64-bit Windows 7 operating system provide a sound foundation for a wide variety of video surveillance applications ranging from small companies through large IT-managed enterprises.
Key to the recorders’ advanced design are their dual gigabit Ethernet connections, an advantage that helps reduce bandwidth consumption by separating the data network from the IP camera network. By dedicating one connection to the IP camera network, video traffic can be segmented from the rest of the data network.
Additionally, by incorporating blazing-fast Intel Haswell processors, G6 recorders provide the ideal platform for increased memory capacities and a broader range of display outputs, along with enhanced overall system performance and live video rendering. Standard memory on G6 recorders has been doubled to 4GB to help support data-intensive megapixel video applications, while users now have the unprecedented choice of either HDMI, Display Port, DVI or VGA outputs for their large format monitors and 4K displays.
To help mitigate the threat of damage to the recorders’ operating system, Toshiba is offering an optional Solid State Drive (SSD) on all G6 models. Because SSD’s have no moving parts, their non-mechanical design is far less susceptible to shock, vibration and wear, so they can better protect surveillance data without a loss of performance. This can prove critical in the event the recorder is dropped or where the system is shaken about in a heavy industrial environment while it’s operating. An SSD-equipped G6 recorder will also boot in seconds, compared to recorders with HDDs that may require several minutes. Additionally, an SDD will improve recorder performance because it will not fragment data like an HDD, making it inherently faster. 
Toshiba G6 Configurations
With updated configurations and system sizes, G6 recorders can meet any video surveillance application, from small to large… to analog, hybrid or full IP.
The XVSV, XVSE and DVSE are hybrid recorders, capable of supporting both analog and IP cameras. The 8/16/32 channel configurations come with either 2 or 3 internal hard drives or 4 removable hard drives.
The IPSE and NVSPro are network video recorders for pure IP camera applications. The 8/16/32/64 camera configurations come with 3 internal or 6/16 removable hard drives depending on the model.
Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Perceived higher total cost of ownership (TCO) has prevented many organization from migrating from analog to digital technology. To help reduce TCO, Toshiba G6 recorders allow users to add IP camera channels using SWIP licenses. Unlike traditional licenses, SWIP licenses never expire, nor do they require an annual fee. Plus, because SWIP licenses are not tied to a specific MAC address, swapping out or moving IP cameras is much easier. Toshiba SWIP licenses come in 1/4/8/16/32/64 configurations, allowing customers to purchase the exact number of licenses that they need and NOT having to pay for additional licenses that they don’t have a need for. 
Software Included
To further improve the value equation, Toshiba G6 recorders come with an advanced software suite for remote management, mobile access, backup viewing and authenticity verification. This suite includes:
– Toshiba Surveillix SCS is complete video management software for all G6 recorders that empowers users to view, playback, save video, and monitor alarms from multiple locations back to one centralized location. Advanced mapping, remote configuration, and user control are just a few of the many powerful features in the Surveillix SCS software.
– Toshiba Surveillix mobile apps for iOS and Android devices allow on-the-go users to remotely view live video and do basic searches from almost anywhere. A simple intuitive interface connects quickly and easily to any G6 recorder. 
– Backup Viewer is a lightweight Windows application for viewing archived video in a proprietary file format.
– Digital Signature Verifier checks that authenticity of exported JPEG and AVI files to ensure the files have not been edited or altered in any way.
– Emergency Agent receives event alerts from multiple G6 recorders and notifies the user in the event of motion detection, sensor activation and video loss.

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