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Rathcliffe Properties installs video surveillance for low-maintenance management

IQinVision has announced that Rathcliffe Properties, based in Toronto, Ont., has deployed IQeye HD megapixel cameras, along with exacqVision Edge server software to provide video surveillance for a strip shopping center it owns and operates.

January 7, 2014  By Staff

Michael Tylman, of Rathcliffe Properties, explained that he became familiar with IQinVision through an affiliated company where they upgraded to IQeye megapixel technology at several malls managed by that company. “We were originally using analog cameras,” said Tylman, “then we installed megapixel in one area and it was clear it was a far superior technology. Once prices began to come down, we installed only IQeye cameras.”

After moving out of the shopping mall management business, Rathcliffe now focus on strip-type shopping centers — those without any common areas or management office on premises. “For these types of centers, we always wanted to put in video surveillance, but the scale is so much smaller. We don’t have any management on-site, so we need a system that is reliable, hands-off, and low maintenance.”

Rathcliffe selected IQeye Alliance-pro 5MP cameras, and for this installation they deployed exacqVision Edge server software, which manages the video feeds at the edge using the processing power and storage available on the IQinVision cameras, instead of using a separate NVR. For the first installation at Ingersoll, Ontario, Rathcliffe installed two 5MP IQeye cameras atop the building to cover the entire parking lot and two lower resolution IQeye cameras to watch the back alley of the shopping center, to guard against vandalism.

Tylman reports this Ingersoll system is working well, so he will soon be rolling out a similar system to strip centers in Burlington, Ontario and Kamloops, British Columbia. “We like the IQeye cameras’ very high resolutions and the fact that they work seamlessly with other third-party software and hardware products.  We can manage this system remotely—that is key.”


Each night, the IQeye Alliance-pro cameras running exacqVision Edge server software transfer the days’ video to an on-site Synology NAS appliance, which is used as the archival device. The cameras can hold up to five days of video (based on Rathcliffe’s settings), but the transfer is done each day. The NAS can hold up to a year or more of archived footage from several cameras.

Rathcliffe uses the video surveillance for a wide range of applications—verifying slip and fall claims; vandalism and graffiti incidents; but also to track operations at the location, for example making sure a contractor shows up when they’re supposed to work. Tylman elaborated, “Last week, we logged into the system and there were fire trucks all the over the Ingersoll center. We were two hours away, but we could still monitor what was going on and ensure that all was resolved for our tenants.”

As Rathcliffe expands and acquires more properties, Tylman sees rolling out similar systems to his new properties. “The IQeye cameras are the only digital cameras we’ve ever used. We had over 100 IQeyes at our other properties. IQinVision’s customer service and support has been fantastic. The IQeye cameras support the exacqVision Edge solution, the specifications are good, and they offer quality performance at a reasonable price—we get good value for our investment.”

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