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Quantum Secure now an SEC Solution Innovation partner

Quantum Secure has been selected as a Solution Innovation Partner by the Security Executive Council (SEC), a research and advisory services firm specializing in risk mitigation.

August 19, 2014
By Staff

“Being selected as a Solution Innovation Partner is an honor and a testament to the strength of our SAFE physical identity and management software solution to mitigate risk for organizations,” said Ajay Jain, President and CEO of Quantum Secure.
As part of SEC’s Security 2020 initiative, the Solution Innovation Partner (SIP) program is an informed diligence process that provides end users with a degree of confidence as they choose security product and service providers. Selected companies are evaluated for their risk mitigation proficiency, return on investment capabilities and trustworthiness.

The program allows practitioners to more easily identify trusted, capable solutions for unique environments.
The SEC offers trusted experience, knowledge-based options, program decision assurance and targeted information to risk mitigation leaders to ensure their security initiatives are strategic, on target and cost-effective. The resources, tools and initiatives they develop are constantly evolving to provide maximum value. The SEC has experience in all realms of the security function, including physical, information and compliance.
The SIP initiative is run by SEC subject matter experts, who average 30 years of professional experience. Currently, there are more than 100 of these experts in the SEC’s network who work on projects for Tier 1 Security Stakeholders and other clients. SEC subject matter experts include emeritus faculty (former CSOs who previously managed enterprise-wide security for Fortune 500 companies), recognized industry leaders and professional staff with security and research experience.
Quantum Secure is also offering a free webinar featuring the SEC’s Dean Correia, reviewing the state of the union for physical security professionals along with effective risk mitigation strategies that maximize ROI. The webinar can be accessed here.

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