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Situational awareness and surveillance in critical security operations centres

June 3, 2019  Sponsored by

Modern Security Operations Centres (SOCs) or Surveillance Centres or Control Rooms, have evolved over the years, from rooms equipped with multiple disparate monitors for monitoring camera feeds, to complex Operation Rooms where powerful data processing technologies and analytics are used to supervise one or multiple sites. In addition to surveillance with camera systems, security professionals are responsible for access control, lighting control, alarm monitoring, monitoring & control of elevators, parking, dispatch and various other functions – all from the Security Operations Centre.

Huge amounts of real-time data, graphic and video information from multiple sources, need to be simultaneously and efficiently processed and displayed in an efficient, dynamic and easy to view and comprehend manner. Display systems employed in Security Operations Centres today, are not just large fancy displays, but are critical tools to ensure Situational Awareness and Safety. They are extensively used in long and multiple operating shifts – often 24×7 operations.

Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada (MESCA) is the Canadian subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric, Japan – one of the largest manufacturers, with a division specialized in providing display solutions for Control Rooms including Security & Surveillance Operation Centres, which require display solutions with superb image quality, low cost of ownership and proven reliability, based on a choice of:

Display Technologies:
• LCD with LED backlight – for space and budget restricted control rooms
• Narrow Pixel Pitch DirectView LED – for large control rooms
• DLP™ with long life LED light source – for demanding 24×7 control rooms, especially where images or portions of image remain static for extended hours operation


Screen Sizes, Resolutions and Installation options:
• 50” to 80” display units that are easily put together to create large visually seamless digital canvases on which information may be displayed in any size and location based on operational needs.
• XGA, SXGA+, HD, WUXGA and other resolutions that put together help create ultra high-resolution display canvases to suit the customer’s specific operational requirements.
• Front or rear access for installation, cabling & maintenance to optimize utilization of available space.
• Mitsubishi HS Series DLP™ SlimCubes provide a small footprint freestanding front-access display solution with depth only 20.5”, ideal for small-to-medium space and budget limited 24×7 control room applications.

Lowest cost-of-ownership in the control room industry with:
• Lowest Power Consumption – reducing ongoing operational costs
• Lowest Heat Dissipation – reducing cost of HVAC systems and ongoing operational costs
• LED light sources with anticipated life up to 130,000 hours (about 15 years) in 24×7 use.
• Self-diagnostic, no consumable and virtually maintenance free operations
• The longest MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) and the shortest MTTR (Mean Time To Repair) in the control room display industry

Robust Image Processing Solutions that are secure, powerful and yet easy to use or operate.

Local Support
Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada (MESCA) supports Security and AV integrator partners across Canada who provide local installation and technical support backed by factory-trained display wall specialists and an in-house inventory of critical spare parts that can be locally dispatched if required, from the Canadian Headquarters in Markham, Ontario.
Mitsubishi Electric Sales Canada has deployed many such control room display systems in Canada. Contact us to find out how we can add value in your control room and help create an excellent security operations control room facility that will serve your organization well for many years into the future.


This article originally appeared in SP&T News’ Video Surveillance Technology Handbook.

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