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PureTech integration aids long-range surveillance

PureTech Systems has integrated its PureActivwide area surveillance solution with the Aeron Searcher Thermal Camera Pan & Tilt System from Silent Sentinel. The integration leverages the Aeron Searcher’s compact, rugged, continuous rotation pan-tilt axis, along with its thermal camera payload, to provide a high performance solution for those with long range surveillance needs in harsh and challenging environments.

July 20, 2016  By  SP&T Staff

When integrated with the PureActiv map-based video management system, the highly accurate pan tilt axis, directed by the PureActiv georeferenced control logic, provides long-range precision positioning utilizing simple map coordinates and a point-and-click interface. The integration includes slew-to-cue, scan-to-target and camera auto-follow capabilities.

These pan-tilt-zoom video analytic algorithms, provide for automated control of the Silent Sentinel camera to track an intruder without the need for operator intervention. The long range nature of the Aeron and the accuracy of the pan tilt axis, allows integration of these capabilities at very long ranges, which is critical to border protection scenarios and mobile remote surveillance needs.

“PureTech Systems aims to provide highly accurate, robust solutions for our customers requiring long range, outdoor, mobile and fixed surveillance. We do that through our own intelligent video research and through development and teaming with top performing sensors like the Aeron series from Silent Sentinel,” explains Rich Anderson, director of business development at PureTech Systems. “We believe that taking the extra step and integrating world class sensors here in our labs reduces risk, improves the solution quality and ensures a positive customer experience once the sensor combination is deployed in the field.”

“We have built the Aeron camera series to be a premiere product for long range surveillance in harsh environments,” explains Mark Klang, president, Silent Sentinel USA. “Combining the Aeron Searcher with PureTech Systems’ intuitive map control and advanced video analytics technology, provides a compelling security solution for the security marketplace.”


PureTech’s intelligent video solution uses real object size to identify the target as a person, car, truck or boat and can be deployed as a fixed installation or as part of a rapid mobile system. The solution boasts geospatial camera control for both manual and automatic movements.

“Geospatial control” involves the translation of a location’s actual latitude, longitude and elevation coordinates into precise pan, tilt and zoom commands which result in the repositioning of the camera to that exact location.

The Silent Sentinel Aeron Searcher integration is currently available as part of the PureActiv 12 software release, with its first installation protecting multiple airfields at a southern US army base. Other planned installations include perimeter protection of several government facilities, over-water intrusion detection for protected areas and multiple mobile and border opportunities.

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