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Zebra Technologies Corporation has completed its ZXP Series direct-to-card printer portfolio with the launch of its new standard printer, the ZXP Series 1.

July 23, 2013
By Staff

The ZXP Series 1 rounds out the company’s card printing solution offering by providing end users with an entry level printer that meets low volume printing needs. In addition to the newly released ZXP Series 1, Zebra announced enhancements to its ZXP Series 3 card printer for improved printer performance.

Ideal for large deployments of distributed printing, the ZXP Series 1 produces high quality, single sided cards such as loyalty and membership cards, employee and student identification, access control cards and visitor badges. The ZXP Series 1 requires minimal technical support and is easy to integrate and deploy, while the compact design makes it ideal for use in locations where space is limited such as on reception and security desks.

As part of the portfolio completion, Zebra also launched the next generation of the ZXP Series 3 professional printer, which is suited for medium to higher volume applications requiring either single- or dual-sided printing. The next generation enhancements include expanded card support, improved monochrome print quality and a lower cost per card with the introduction of new, higher capacity, eco-friendly Load-N-Go smart ribbons that use less plastic and more biodegradable material. The ZXP Series 3 printer also now has enhanced end user support with the addition of Print Touch.

Print Touch uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to allow users to hold an NFC-enabled smartphone up to the Zebra Print Touch logo on the printer to launch web-based product information and support pages. All ZXP Series 1, 3 and 7 printers incorporate this innovative feature, which puts valuable product details instantly in the palm of a user’s hand, making it easy to access educational information for quick, real-time troubleshooting. If users do not have access to a NFC-enabled smartphone, each printer also has a QR code printed on its exterior, which when accessed, provides the educational and support information. In addition, ZXP Series printers can be complemented by Zebra Virtual PrintWare, which allows for easy third-party application integration of card printing and network card printer management.

In addition to the ZXP Series 1 and 3, the printer family also includes the ZXP Series 7, a high performance printer ideal for end users needing high quality and secure card printing for high-volume applications. The series is rounded out with ZXP Series 8, a high security retransfer printer, ideal for printing on uneven card surfaces, such as smart cards, or for when the application calls for very high image quality or cards that are more durable and abrasion resistant. 


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