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PressLine Sponsored by Digital Watchdog posted on November 14, 2019

New DW® Spectrum IPVMS v4.0 is now available

DW’s flagship video management software offers a refresh UI/UX and new security features.\

Cerritos, CA (October 10, 2019)Digital Watchdog® (DW®), the industry leader in digitalrecorders, surveillance cameras and related management software, announces the release of DW Spectrum® IPVMS v4.0. The latest version delivers many new and important features, including virtual offline cameras, failover for storage and secure video export with updated user experience and even more intuitive interface.

“This release opens a world of new opportunities. From the increased scalability and enhanced security to streamlined user enhancements and cloud capabilities.” said Patrick Kelly, Director of IP Video Solutions, DW®. “It includes a whole new SDK for rapid integration of 3rd party devices designed for AI and deep-learning driven computer vision applications.  While at the same time introducing a new framework to integrate dozens of 3rd party devices. We are excited to share these new opportunities with our DW partners.”

New features include:

  • H.265 for ONVIF devices.
  • Layout-as-an-action – a predefined layout can be opened when an
    event occurs.
  • Secure export – .exe, .nov exported files can be protected by a password.
  • Failover on storage failure – failover now also occurs when all designated storage drives fail on a server.
  • Virtual camera – users can now import offline video files (wearable cameras, action cams, drones, etc.), into archive and associate with a virtual camera, which can be used like other cameras in a system.
  • RTSP / HTTP dual-stream support – users can now add two streams when creating an RTSP/HTTP camera which enables dual streaming and adaptive scaling. When a secondary stream is added, the primary stream also becomes modifiable.
  • Webcam support – webcams (built-in and USB) are now supported. Great for demos, operator response recording and more.
  • Metadata SDK and plugins – a software development kit (SDK) for rapid integration of intelligent 3rd party systems and devices. Includes a comprehensive feature set designed for AI and deep learning-driven computer vision applications, focused on object recognition and automation.
  • Encrypted Video and HTTPS Communications.
  • C2P integration – Convergence to Pixels (aka C2P, http://www.c2p.com/), integrates a wide variety of 3rd party solutions.
  • Custom watermark over videos
  • DW Cloud™ connected systems can now be merged together.
  • Redesigned system update process.
  • Updates to the desktop client user interface – comprehensive revamp of UI / UX for improved usability.
  • Action parameters placeholders for the “Do HTTP request” action – source, caption or description placeholders can be added to the HTTP POST request body to be automatically replaced by the corresponding values from generic event query parameters.
  • Desktop client CLI launch – the desktop client can be launched with a command line parameter to define the initial layout. This allows programming pop-up like behavior.

DW Spectrum® IPVMS is accessed with the freely distributed DW Spectrum® client software (Windows®/Linux®/Mac®), the DW® Cloud™ web client from all leading web browsers (Google® Chrome, Firefox®, Internet Explorer®, Safari® and Opera®), as well as the free DW Spectrum® mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The DW Spectrum® IPVMS server software is included with pre-configured DW Blackjack® NVR servers and MEGApix® CaaS™ edge cameras or it can be installed on third-party Windows® or Ubuntu® Linux-based systems.

DW Spectrum® IPVMS updates automatically in systems where previous v3 software is already installed. Click here to download the software from the product page on our website or go to www.digital-watchdog.com and search for DW Spectrum®.


DW® empowers our customers as the industry-leading single source of value-driven complete solutions for all video surveillance applications (Universal HD over Coax® / hybrid / IP enterprise), focusing on ease of use and ROI. DW® products offer technologically-advanced features including multi-sensor HD cameras at real-time 30fps, Star-Light Plus™ color in darkness technology, WDR, Smart DNR™ and Smart IR™. Complete IP megapixel surveillance solutions include single- and multi-sensor MEGApix® cameras and edge recording systems, Blackjack® servers and NAS devices, DW Spectrum® IPVMS for server, mobile and on-camera control. Complete Universal HD over Coax® surveillance solutions include single- and multi-sensor Star-Light Plus™ cameras, VMAX® DVRs and C3® remote management and event server software. DW® supports all video surveillance systems with SiteWatch™ motion detectors and NightWatch™ illuminators.

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