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Camden Introduces CX-WC Series Barrier Free Restroom Control Kits

November 15, 2019   by Camden

Camden offers an industry-leading range of packages designed specifically for the control of automatic doors in restroom applications. These kits feature a number of innovative and exclusive products that are not available elsewhere, including the CM-AF500 single gang annunciator (providing ‘OWL’ signage that is not legible when unit is not lit) CX-33 advanced logic relay (providing exclusive operation modes for restroom control) and Aura™ illuminated push plate switches (that combine ‘OWL’ annunciation and door activation in one product).

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ABOUT CAMDEN DOOR CONTROLS: Camden Door Controls is an industry-leading provider of innovative, high quality and competitively priced door activation, control and locking products. Camden backs its products with superior customer service, technical support, product delivery and warranty. Camden is ISO 9001:2018 registered, with extensive product development capabilities, and maintains a 20,000 ft. manufacturing facility. Camden products are designed for compliance to UL standards, building/fire codes and ADA requirements.

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