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Powered by PlateSmart takes platinum with Govies Award

Powered by PlateSmart earns company fourth Platinum award in video analytics category

March 30, 2020  By  SP&T Staff

In an announcement that coincided with the canceled ISC West trade show during which the awards were to be presented, Security Today magazine said that PlateSmart Technologies earned a Platinum Govies Government Security Award for its Powered by PlateSmart product in the video analytics category.

This marks the fifth Govies award and the fourth Platinum Govies award for PlateSmart Technologies.

“It’s an honor to earn a Govies award and an even bigger one to take Platinum,” said PlateSmart CEO John Chigos. “From our earliest days, we’ve strived not only to produce ALPR (automatic license plate recognition) software but to make it the highest quality and most cutting-edge. We knew we did that with Powered by PlateSmart, and this Platinum Govies award validates it.”

Powered by PlateSmart is designed to allow those who already have a security infrastructure to easily and cost-effectively add state-of-the-art ALPR. These could be OEMs looking to add value by offering license plate recognition, or end users wanting to extend their surveillance capabilities to include ALPR.


Built upon AI and deep machine learning, Powered by PlateSmart allows solution providers – such as video management system (VMS) providers, camera manufacturers, security software firms and the like – to offer their customers the ability to read license plates, their state jurisdiction, vehicle make and color.

Powered by PlateSmart also improves accuracy by addressing some especially hard-to-read plates — those captured at an angle.  Using technology PlateSmart developed called Perspective Correction, it is possible to virtually manipulate license plates in 3-D that are on severe vertical or horizontal angles and essentially straighten them so they can be more easily — and accurately — be read.

“Accuracy is important with ALPR, and PlateSmart’s software pushes accuracy to an unprecedented level ‘in the wild,’ which is to say actual operation,” Chigos said. “Unlike several of our competitors who brag about 99+ percent accuracy rates, PlateSmart lets its technology speak for itself, because we realize that these claims may be achieved under perfectly controlled laboratory conditions. In real-life circumstances, however, the number of environmental issues affecting accuracy make such claims highly doubtful.

“Because they are seriously misleading to potential users of the technology, we encourage those looking for ALPR solutions not to be duped by these claims and to ask a lot of questions about them before making a decision. We suggest testing solutions side by side before purchasing and letting the results speak for themselves.”

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