Power on demand for remote energy needs

Sentry View Systems' SentryPOWER POD – Power-On-Demand for your remote systems - is a fully integrated, self-contained unit in a 5U configuration providing hybrid power input from up to 3 sources (e.g. 110vac, solar panel and a wind turbine), web interface for setup and maintenance, power I/O and battery state monitoring and logging, programmable power relays, contact closure inputs, and built-in network switch for connecting itself and your remote devices to a network.

April 15, 2014
By Staff

“SentryPOWER POD solves a key challenge for mobile and remote surveillance applications in challenging environments”, says Justin Thompson, President of Sentry View Systems. Continues Thompson, “Providing a single, ruggedized and turnkey box with multiple reliable power sources and full mobile communications management dramatically simplifies integration and increases technology performance. 

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