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Pelco and Oncam Grandeye enter strategic partnership

Pelco by Schneider Electric and Oncam Grandeye have announced that they have partnered to deliver the Evolution 360-degree camera range to global customers.

February 10, 2014  By Staff

The addition of the award-winning 360-degree cameras and technology from Oncam Grandeye is yet another example of Pelco’s commitment to be IP-driven and customer-focused, delivering innovation that enhances the customer experience.

With this new product offering, Pelco continues to expand its IP camera solutions and meet customers’ needs by incorporating Oncam Grandeye’s 360-degree technology and unique, patented dewarping software to provide a camera range with total situational awareness. The dewarping feature allows users to go back in time to retrospectively view the total scene in its original form and then pan, tilt and/or zoom (PTZ) within the 360-degree image, as if it were a live image. In addition, multiple users can view the same image, with different perspectives, concurrently from a single camera, either live or recorded.

The Evolution 360-degree cameras, IP cameras with 5-megapixel sensors and no moving parts, are compatible with most applications including city surveillance, retail and gaming facilities. Key innovations in the Evolution 360-degree camera range include:

Oncam Grandeye Technology: When integrated directly into Pelco’s video management platform and other compatible platforms, this technology provides total coverage with no blind spots and an unobstructed field of view that enables multiple angles of any scene, including both 180-degree and 360-degree panoramas, with PTZ.


Retrospective Dewarping Technology: This technology vaults network video recorder (NVR) platform performance to the top, making it one of the world’s best forensic tools because it enables customers to navigate around any scene retrospectively, providing true total situational awareness.

Multiple Users: Having this technology integrated into the NVR platform allows multiple operators to track multiple threats from a single camera, either live or recorded.
Pelco/Oncam Grandeye Range of Form Factors: Enables 360-degree video surveillance to be installed in any mounting position, environment or for any application.

Camera Designs: Available in concealed, outdoor, or indoor options, all designed to make installation quick and easy and with no moving parts, requiring less maintenance.

Patented 3D Dewarping/Video Rendering: Incorporates OpenGL technology, reducing CPU load and overall server resources. Oncam Grandeye was the first to provide this functionality on mobile devices.

“Partnering with Oncam Grandeye to deliver the Evolution 360-degree camera range brings innovation and value to Pelco’s IP camera portfolio, offering client-side dewarping both live and retrospectively,” said Hervé Fages, senior vice president, Schneider Electric, Pelco Video Line of Business. “This partnership enables us to support our customers by minimizing their blind spots in surveillance and by developing practical solutions that will secure their critical assets and deliver real value. All of this is backed by Pelco’s amazing service and support.”

“This is an exciting partnership. We are delighted Pelco has recognized the quality of our 360-degree technology and the value it brings to its customers as it seeks to meet the growing demand for this technology in the market place,” Greg Alcorn, senior vice president, Business Development, Oncam Grandeye.

Later this year, the line Evolution camera range will expand to include 12 megapixel cameras.

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