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Patriot One Technologies’ threat detection certified for four national standards

December 6, 2021  By SP&T Staff

SVS Countermeasures Training, LLC. has certified Patriot One Technologies Inc.’s artificial intelligence (AI)-powered threat detection and patron screening solutions.

The certifications include NIJ-STD-0601-01, NIJ-STD-0601-02, NILECJ-STD-0601.00 Level 2, as well as the Federal Aviation Administration Operational Test Piece. Patriot One’s solutions fulfilled the necessary requirements for certification during the two tests which took place in October at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, and at one of Patriot One’s customer locations.

“Many professional sports leagues and other organizations have built their security requirements and best practices standards on the foundation of these certifications,” said Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One in a statement.

“Having certification from SVS validates the efficacy of our solution, while others in the market are ‘self-certifying’ – thereby distracting the conversation from security to other factors. Earning four national certifications validates that our solutions not only meet, but exceed the demanding standards put in place by professional sports leagues for weapons detection technology, while also significantly improving the patron experience.”


The company stated that during tests its technology alerted on all prohibited items, including guns, knives, improvised explosive device ignition systems, and many additional items on the pro-sports league prohibited items lists that are not itemized by the standards. All alerted items accurately displayed where on the patron the prohibited item was located, and the platform was able to discern between weapons and innocuous objects such as cell phones, preventing false positive alerts that may occur in the screening process.

“We were impressed by Patriot One’s ability to consistently and successfully detect and identify the location of all the prohibited items on the patrons,” said John Howell, Director of Counter IED Threat Detection at SVS Countermeasures Training, LLC in a statement.

“The Multi-Sensor Gateway detected more prohibited items than these four standards require, and the metal detectors that we simultaneously tested, making Patriot One the best choice for venues to implement as their weapons screening technology.”

According to Patriot One Technologies, traditional walk-through metal detectors were developed around 40 years ago, long before people carried items like smartphones or earbuds. The company states that those not upgraded since this time are no longer effective in meeting modern societal and environmental requirements.

“The AI in our weapons and threat detection solutions and Platform is helping venues go above and beyond providing security in conformance with league best practices for venues and stadiums,” Evans said in a statement.

“The technology is also helping facilities make data-driven decisions based on intelligent information correlated by the tools. With Patriot One, venue operators have a holistic view of their facility, allowing them to make these smart decisions regarding staffing and safety in critical moments.”

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