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Patriot One secures deal with US auto manufacturer

August 3, 2022  By SP&T Staff

Patriot One Technologies has secured a deal with a large U.S.-based auto manufacturer to protect all employee entrances at three of its manufacturing facilities.

The auto manufacturer will use Patriot One’s SmartGateway patron screening solution to scan all employees and workers for guns, knives and other weapons upon entrance to the facility. The company says this will help create a safer environment while increasing productivity at the manufacturing facility.

“Large manufacturing plants are a solid fit for our modern weapons detection solution, for increased safety and speed,” said Peter Evans, CEO of Patriot One in a statement.

“The inevitable shift change of workers can be a slow ordeal. With the need for increased security in an increasingly insecure world, shift productivity delays are inevitable with traditional screening methods. This is the classic trade-off and conflict of efficiency versus security. SmartGateway is designed to address this conundrum and enhance both security and efficiency – in this case – ensuring shift change efficiency with no production delays due to new security procedures.”


As Patriot One explained in its announcement, stadiums, casinos and other entertainment venues have employed SmartGateway to help protect against the risk of mass casualty events.

By using artificial intelligence (AI)-powered sensors, the solution can help distinguish prohibited items from personal items such as cell phones and watches, and then alert security guards when a secondary screening is necessary.

Patriot One also announced that auto manufacturer Kia Georgia Inc. has  implemented Gateway to secure its entrances.

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