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Partnership enables smart home devices to anticipate energy needs

Icontrol Networks, which produces an interactive security and home automation platform, announced the integration of Earth Networks’ WeatherBug Home offering into the Icontrol Developer Program.

February 28, 2016
By SP&T Staff
SP&T Staff

The companies say this partnership will bring Earth Networks’ big data intelligence, proprietary weather data and energy usage analytics to Icontrol’s deployment customers, allowing them to deliver more intelligent energy management services to consumers to reduce costs, while maintaining comfort.

Icontrol’s research shows that energy efficiency is one of the key drivers for smart home technology adoption.

WeatherBug Home’s connected home optimization platform analyzes a home’s energy patterns and consumer comfort settings with its hyper-local proprietary data to automatically optimize home energy use by intelligently controlling connected thermostats and other devices. A recent study found consumers saved 16.5 per cent in energy costs when using a connected thermostat integrated with WeatherBug Home than a standard thermostat. Customers may also participate in demand response programs that provide incentives to reduce thermostat usage on peak energy days while still maintaining user home comfort.

“This partnership lets our customers offer a new level of automation,” said Bob Hagerty, CEO of Icontrol. “The valuable insights that come from weather data, such as temperature, wind speed and solar insolence, coupled with a home’s energy usage insights, will make energy management devices more intelligent and efficient than ever before.”

“We have a shared vision with Icontrol to integrate the growing ecosystem of connected home devices to deliver superior value to consumers,” said Amena Ali, senior vice-president and general manager, WeatherBug Home. “Consumers will enjoy the benefits of automated thermostat optimization to save energy while remaining comfortable, and in addition will get home energy efficiency insights and analytics to not only understand and adjust their usage, but also reduce impact on their surrounding environment.”

The Icontrol Developer Program currently has more than 50 participating companies and over 100 certified devices.

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