Written by Patrick Straw
Looking back on the past year, it’s clear that as the industry continues to change, the Canadian Security Association (CANASA) is preparing to meet those challenges by providing information, training and networking opportunities to our members and their associates.
Written by Patrick Straw
CANASA wrapped up our show schedule for this year with a very successful Security Canada Central show in Toronto. (For more information please visit was better than projected and the feedback we have received from our sponsors and vendors has been quite positive.The show got off to a great start with a powerful presentation from Brittany McBain of the RCMP, who spoke about the protection of critical infrastructure related to events that have taken place in Canada — some of which were thwarted by the efforts of various police services.Our Monitoring Symposium, which was held just prior to the Toronto show, was also a big success, well attended and featuring some great contributions from our guest speakers:  •ULC  - Alan Cavers•The Monitoring Association -  Ivan Spector•Cyber Security -  Sascha Kylau•Bell Communications -  Ken Short•Video Monitoring – Rob Baxter•Software Integration Panel – Rod Coles, Cliff Dice, Hank Goldberg and Jens KolindNow it is time to get back to work on a number of the initiatives that we have already started.CANASA has signed a MOU with ASIS Canada and we are looking forward to working with the ASIS team.  By combining our resources, we can continue to promote the values and issues that are important to members of the Canadian security industry.As executive director of CANASA, I am scheduled to meet with the new executive director of the Canadian Fire Alarm Association (CFAA) before the end of November and look forward to exploring collaborative opportunities with them.We have strengthened our social media presence by continuously improving our website and we are intensely marketing CANASA now on Twitter and LinkedIn.Our focus is on connecting with Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and Canadian media outlets across Canada. I would urge you to visit for information on the benefits of membership and security-related information.All of us here at CANASA look forward to finishing off the year with lots of momentum moving into 2018.  Patrick Straw is the executive director of CANASA.
Written by Patrick Shaw
The Canadian Security Association (CANASA) has undertaken a number of recent initiatives to provide the security industry with much-needed educational resources. These include:
Written by CANASA Staff
If a verified response program has not already been implemented by your local police service, then you had best start preparing your staff, clients and the general public you serve.
Written by J. David Ritter
CANASA staff and I have been exploring tools and strategies to help members approach social media.Ideally, we are looking for a professionally recognized method that can be customized to suit diverse businesses and their unique needs.
Written by Richard McMullen
This year we proudly welcome a new Executive Director, association executive and publishing veteran J. David Ritter.
Written by Romina Payami
Education, training, sourcing and retaining qualified professionals continues to be one of the biggest challenge for security companies in this competitive industry.
Written by Steve Basnett, Danielle Paquin and Stéphanie Roy
It has been another productive and memorable year for the Canadian Security Association.
Written by Heather Terrence
CANASA has been very fortunate to have strong industry and media partners over the years. One partnership which continues to grow stronger is our relationship with SP&T News.
Written by Kim Caron
Recent alarm bylaw changes in Alberta have caught many alarm companies and monitoring stations by surprise, but rest assured that CANASA reacted quickly and has been representing your interests in meetings with police services in the province.
Written by Stéphanie Roy
Whether you are new to the Canadian Security Association or a longstanding member, here is a refresher on some of the benefits and resources that can help your organization achieve a competitive edge.
Written by Richard McMullen
I am delighted to announce that as part of our newly refreshed partnership with SP&T News, CANASA will once again have a column in every issue of this magazine. I am fortunate to be the first author and would like to take this opportunity to provide an update on CANASA.
Written by JF Champagne
The theme for our Security Canada trade shows this year is: “Gain a national perspective in your own backyard.” Simply put, if you want to get the pulse of the electronic security sector in Canada, you need to attend Security Canada Expos.
Written by JF Champagne
I returned from ISC West in Las Vegas with the belief that our industry is stronger than ever.
Written by JF Champagne
A few months have passed since the big announcement by Google of the purchase of Nest, a maker of smart thermostats, and we are starting to see some signs of the impact this may have on our industry.
Written by JF Champagne
I  like to say that our industry has won the battle against false alarms. Let’s look at the facts.
Written by JF Champagne
I wrote a column on home automation in 2011 at a time when I though the technology was about to become mainstream. I believed our industry was well positioned to be a major player in home automation as long as the solutions offered were easy to use, intuitive and leverage smart devices. Quite frankly, I am astonished we have taken this long to get to where we are now.
Written by JF Champagne
Most security contractors in Canada wish for more regulations in the electronic security industry. Yes, Québec and B.C. already have a regulatory framework but we are essentially unregulated everywhere else. People with no experience, no technical training, no insurance and possibly a criminal record can enter our industry. It is not good for business. It is not good for the consumer.
Written by JF Champagne
CANASA is proud to announce that as a member you will now get even more for your money! As a security contractor, it is important to have contracts between you and your customer. That contract needs to be tailored to your organization and also needs to be reviewed regularly to ensure it is current with changes in regulations.