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ONVIF releases Profile S for easier management of interoperable devices

Standardization body for IP-based physical security products ONVIF announce that it has released Profile S, the first in a series of profile introductions that it says will aid end users and system designers in determining interoperable components of a physical security solution.

January 18, 2012  By Staff

Profile S describes the common functionalities shared by ONVIF conformant video management systems and devices such as IP cameras or encoders that sends, configures, requests or controls the streaming of media data over an IP network. The profile includes specific features such as pan, tilt, zoom control, audio streaming and relay outputs.
The introduction of profiles is designed to enable end users to more easily identify features supported by a profile without determining the compatibility between versions of the ONVIF specification. For example, users will no longer need to know whether specific devices in ONVIF 2.0 are compatible with clients that conform to ONVIF 1.0, or with newer versions of the specification introduced in the future. Instead, users and systems designers will be able to select the appropriate profile that offers interoperability at a specific functional level between units and software that fits their needs.
“Profile S, which addresses common functionalities between devices in an IP video system, will be followed by additional profiles,” said Jonas Andersson, Chairman of ONVIF’s Steering Committee. “Our introductions of profiles will become even more important as ONVIF moves into the access control arena with our planned released of the access control specification this year.”
According to ONVIF, membership had grown to nearly 350 companies and more than 1,300 conformant products available in the market.

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