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OnGuard integrates with 3 United brands

Lenel Systems International has announced the integration of its OnGuard security management platform with products made by three UTC Building & Industrial Systems brands, bringing enhanced capabilities and ease-of-use to customers. The OnGuard platform now integrates with Otis Elevator Company’s CompassPlus building destination management system, the Edwards EST3 integration life safety systems and Interlogix TruVision video recorders.

November 3, 2014  By Staff

Lenel, Otis, Edwards and Interlogix are parts of UTC Building & Industrial Systems, a unit of United Technologies Corp.

“Integrating these products with OnGuard allows for centralized, seamless management of critical security and building management features from one unified platform,” said Ross McKay, director product management, integrated solutions & advanced services, Lenel.

The OnGuard platform’s new virtual panel integration with the Otis CompassPlus system offers secure elevator bank access – facilitating orderly traffic flow, identifying  cardholders requesting elevators, and automatically defining the floor or floors accessible to each person. The CompassPlus system improves service by directing passengers to assigned cars. The integration provides security through validation of credentials and secure floor access based on the occupant’s privileges provided by Lenel OnGuard with no additional access hardware required. CompassPlus access control features can restrict elevator travel between designated floors, or even separate passengers travelling to different secured floors, by directing them to different elevators.

The integration also allows centralized OnGuard monitoring and provides an audit trail for all transactions, including the status of Otis controllers and terminal modes and events in the Lenel OnGuard display.


“Lenel continues to invest in OnGuard platform integrations to deliver more value to a broad base of customers,” McKay said.

The Edwards EST3 platform integration will provide added life safety capabilities, including secondary annunciation from fire panels and the ability to link fire alarm points to video, provide dynamic map displays, and trigger mustering so occupants are safely accounted for.

Associating video — as with the Interlogix TruVision integration — with destination management systems and life safety control platforms significantly enhances monitoring and decision-making. The integration of several TruVision recorders from Interlogix expands the portfolio of video options for Lenel customers. The nine IP, analog and hybrid recorders are built on a reliable embedded Linux operating system and offer broad camera support including Interlogix and third-party IP cameras.

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