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NVR firmware

QNAP Inc. announces the VioStor NVR firmware QVR 5.0 (QNAP VioStor Recording System), introducing an intelligent desktop with multi-window design, simplified user interface, and newly added features including a floating tool bar, playback shuttle bar, and video thumbnails.

May 23, 2014
By Staff

VioStor NVR also supports license management for flexible channel expansion and remote access via the myQNAPcloud service. Security administrators can enjoy an unprecedented surveillance monitoring & management experience with the innovative QVR 5.0.

“Intuitiveness and easiness are the main concepts for QVR 5.0,” said Andrew Yu, product manager of QNAP, Inc. “While the typical NVR system may be complex and hard to use, QVR 5.0 revamps the user interface bringing truly intuitive tools and features to make daily surveillance tasks, whether in live-view, recording, playback or management, extremely easy and effortless.”

Multi-window Operations
QVR 5.0 offers an innovative desktop design to compliment smooth working efficiency. The multi-window design allows concurrent multi-tasking, and enables administrators to easily switch between tasks to increase productivity.

Intuitive User Interface
The revamped user interface greatly enhances user experience and usability. The floating tool bar simplifies the monitoring layout with convenient operations via mouse-over; the playback shuttle bar enables fast-forward video playback to quickly find desired screenshots; video thumbnails over the timeline helps users to quickly identify & search events. Administrators can also set up IP cameras directly on the monitoring screen with no interruption when monitoring, and conduct instant playback of the monitoring event immediately if an alarm event occurs. The pop-out live view window and digital zoom functions are also enhanced for the E-map function.

Vcam & VMobile
The Vcam mobile app turns a user’s mobile phone into an IP camera that can conveniently record and save recording videos straight to the VioStor NVR. VMobile enables surveillance on the go for instant monitoring, playback, and sharing.

License Management
The VioStor NVR offers various channel base licenses depending on different models. After purchasing a license, you can add extra recording channels.

myQNAPcloud service simplifies the steps of host name registration, mapping of the Dynamic NVR IP to a domain name, and auto port mapping of UPnP routers on the local network. It enables administrators to access the VioStor NVR over the Internet easily from anywhere.

More Advanced Features
QVR 5.0 supports smart recording functions that effectively avoid the need for constant storage consumption, achieving greater storage efficiency and boosting recording quality when alarm events happen. Administrators can now flexibly define settings including compression, resolution, FPS, and quality settings for multiple video streams (supported by specific camera models) according to bandwidth resources & the number of live-view channels, and then choose a proper video stream for live-view.
Over 2,600 IP camera models of 100 renowned brands are supported by QVR 5.0, offering high flexibility in deploying an ideal surveillance solution.

To download the QVR 5.0 firmware, please visit http://www.qnapsecurity.com/download.asp.