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New visitor badge system now available in Canada

Schools, hospitals, and other organizations in the United States have been enjoying an innovative yet simple system for identifying and keeping track of visitors. The system is called Visitor Pass Solutions, and it makes visitor management easy for staff, convenient for visitors, and secure for everyone. It creates a badge and a duplicate record in one step, and, for extra security, has an optional colour-changing feature that prevents the badge from being reused.

February 17, 2010  By Staff

Jack Mayoros, Director of Security at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut, implemented the Visitor Pass system in his hospital and in one of the physician office buildings. “We had experienced an increase in thefts over the prior eight months,” he recalled. “By funneling people to sign in, and by issuing the Visitor Pass, we cut our thefts to zero.”

Now organizations in Canada are starting to discover this award-winning product, too.

Tom Hitchman, president of Naylor Group Inc., based in Oakville, Ontario, asked his administrative assistant, Carol Craig, to order Visitor Passes after seeing it used at another company.

Visitor Pass Solutions are produced by Data Management, Inc., of Farmington, Connecticut. The company has been delivering low minimum order sizes, custom printing, fast turnaround, knowledgeable service, and guaranteed satisfaction since 1961. As its Passion Statement reads, “We make great impressions on our customers by producing high-value, innovative solutions that make a difference.”



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