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Nest expands into home security

Nest Labs Inc. has announced a home security solution that includes the Nest Secure alarm system, Nest Hello video doorbell, Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera and corresponding software and services.

September 22, 2017  By SP&T Staff

The Nest Secure alarm system includes Nest Guard, an all-in-one security base consisting of an alarm, keypad and a motion sensor; Nest Detect, a sensor that detects motion and open or close movement in a compact, battery-powered product; and Nest Tag, a fob that can be attached to a keychain, allowing clients to easily arm and disarm Nest Secure without a passcode.

The company says that the system is the first that is “actually enjoyable to live with.”

“We set out to design a product that isn’t just effective during a security incident, but is delightful and easy to use when people are at home with their families, living their lives, which is the vast majority of the time,” said Matt Rogers, Nest’s founder and chief product officer.

Customers can arm and disarm the system in multiple ways: by tapping Nest Tag on Nest Guard, through the Nest app, or by entering a code on the Nest Guard keypad.


The system also sends a notification to clients if something needs attention, and customers can add additional monitoring and deterrence by adding Nest Cams to the system, which are also controlled through the Nest app.

Furthermore, Nest Guard features battery backup and an optional cellular backup service, even if Wi-Fi is down or the power is out.

Meanwhile, the Nest Hello video doorbell combines the security and intelligence of a Nest Cam with the “familiar convenience” of a doorbell. The company says that Nest Hello can detect a person at the door, and then send an alert and a snapshot, even if the person doesn’t ring the bell.

It also allows customers to engage with guests and strangers at the door remotely and have a conversation via HD Talk and Listen.

Finally, the Nest Cam IQ outdoor security camera is built to protect homes with “best-in-class” imaging and intelligence, and features tamper resistant, weatherproof components.

Nest says the camera will deliver critical, actionable information via an alert, such as spotting someone unfamiliar in the yard, so users know that the alert is important.

The company also announced that the Nest Cam IQ indoor will now come with the option to add Google Assistant. Through Google Assistant, customers can ask questions, control the home and manage tasks. Nest says it is the first security camera to have Google Assistant built in, and will be available via a free software update for current and new customers this winter.

Nest also launched a modern take on a secure deadbolt, in conjunction with Yale, which leverages the Thread and Weave technologies to securely communicate with Nest Secure and other Nest products, even if the power is out or there is no Internet connection. The Nest + Yale lock will be available in early 2018.

Customers will be able to disarm the Nest Secure alarm system when they unlock the Nest + Yale lock, and be able to unlock the door when they see someone they know or are expecting through the Nest Hello video doorbell.

Additionally, a new accessory, Nest Connect, will be launched to ensure Nest Secure will work in large homes and enable the Nest + Yale lock, as well as similar products, to connect to the Internet and be controllable via the Nest App.

While the Nest Cam IQ outdoor will be available in Canada in November, Nest Hello and the Nest Secure system will only be available in Canada next year.

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