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Near-IR LED illuminator

In January 2013, Tamron started selling Model 180-View 300QV-P-CM, a mega-pixel panorama camera with a 180-degree horizontal angle of view. This camera has earned a good reputation as a camera that addresses the need for blind-spot-free monitoring in the surveillance market.

March 20, 2015
By Staff

Many camera manufacturers have come up with similar cameras incorporating various unique features. However, 300QV-P-CM stands out as a camera capable of day/night 24-hour high-sensitivity surveillance by incorporating a unique feature to switch on/off an infrared cut-off filter. Introduction of high-resolution monitoring in nighttime surveillance is of significant interest in the security market. 300QV-P-CM, equipped with a feature to switch on/off an infrared cut-off filter, meets the high-resolution need, and its ahead-of-time release has gained high acclaim. Tamron now releases 300QV-IR, a new Near-IR LED illuminator, as an accessory that enhances the 300QV-P-CM’s performance. Up to now, customers employing 300QV-P-CM for a nighttime surveillance had to acquire a Near-IR LED illuminator separately from other vendors. The illuminator released this time has been specifically designed for 300QV-P-CM to amplify its superior performance by optimizing illumination ranges and improving the ease of use. The new illuminator enables high-quality day/night 24-hour surveillance, expanding deployment of 300QV-P-CM to wider scenes.

Main Features
1. Optimized for nighttime and outdoor surveillance monitoring and designed with waterproof and dustproof (IP66) as standard features, Panorama Camera

300QV-P-CM is accredited as the front runner in the outdoor surveillance application. 300QV-IR, a new Near-IR LED illuminator, is now released as an add-on option to enhance the 300QV-P-CM’s performance. The new illuminator assures high-sensitivity and high-quality nighttime surveillance monitoring in all scenes of installation.
2. Blind-spot-free Near-IR lighting covering all surveillance ranges
The illuminator is capable of omnidirectional (180 degrees) Near-IR illumination for a distance up to 15m. Illumination brightness can be easily controlled in three steps by a switch, providing optimum illumination covering entire surveillance ranges.
3. Designed for durability
Installation without frequent light replacement leads to an effective cost reduction.
4. A stylish accessory for use in tandem with 300QV-P-CM
The protective cover of 300QV-IR is made of a resin material that passes Near-IR light only. This prevents Near-IR LED light from entering into the body and exposure of the unit inside. The exterior appearance has been designed to match the stylish design concept of 300QV-P-CM.

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