Motion detector spots difference between weather and people

STR Inc., a vendor of outdoor microwave perimeter protection systems, has introduced new detectors designed to identify human beings within a protected area.

February 13, 2008
By Neil Sutton
Neil Sutton

The IMB Bi-static and VMS Monostatic replace STR’s Radiy and AGAT series of detectors, respectively, and are designed for use along the perimeter of buildings or open spaces, in-between buildings on borders or in any other high-security perimeter.

Manufactured with shatter- and weather-proof IP55-rated casings to keep out dust and moisture while withstanding temperatures ranging from -44 to 65 C, both feature an intelligent microprocessor architecture that allows them to distinguish between a perpetrator and changing weather and terrain conditions. The VMS volumetric intrusion detectors are designed to identify humans within a protected area by using Line Frequency Modulation to sense mass changes.

Additional features include terminal blocks (instead of wiring harnesses), various frequencies, an on-board connector for use with a programming device, a bracket with a wall-mount option and all-English markings.
All standard IMB kits include a transmitter, a receiver, all mounting hardware for pole- and wall-mount applications, pole straps and an installation manual. The VMS series can be attached to a wide variety of other devices, such as video cameras or floodlights.

Both new product lines feature barcodes on the back of each product to allow for complete product tracking capability.


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